Barney's New York - New York, NY
Daniel Lipkin - Los Angeles, CA
East Dane
Gentry - Brooklyn, NY
Martin Patrick - Minneapolis, MN
Need Supply
The Ensign - New York, NY
Project Clothing - Ft. McMurray, AB

Antonia - Milan
Flow - Florence
Harvey Nichols - London
Liberty - London
MR Porter - Online
Stylebop - Online
Tenue de Nimes - Amsterdam
14 oz - Berlin

Biotope - Mito, Ibaraki
Blue Wild - Nagaya, Aichi
Irie - Kofu, Yamanashi
Salone - Kashiwa, Chiba
Sparq - Toyama, Toyama


*If you are looking to purchase a style and do not find what you are looking for at any of our retailers please reach out to our Fabric-Brand stylist directly. Allyson can be reached at and will be able to assist you. We look forward to working with you.